Certified teacher of the North American Chen’s Tai Chi Association and of the "Harmonious Big Family", a Zhineng Qigong school in China.

Study and teach Ikebana, Tai Chi and Zhineng Qigong with renowned masters, since many years.



The word Qigong is broken in two words: Qi = vitality, energy, life force. Gong = practice, cultivate, refine. Qigong = to cultivate and refine through practice one's vitality or life force.

Qigong exists since more than 3000 years. There are many styles of Qigong in China. Among these, Zhineng Qigong stands out as one of the most effective in improving a person's health and nourishing his body with vital universal energy (Hun Yuan Qi).

Zhineng Qigong was developed by Grand Master Pang Ming in 1980, he is a Western and a Traditional Chinese Medicine (particularly acupuncture) doctor. He practiced Qigong and martial arts at a very young age.

Zhineng Qigong is one of the most effective methods. It can be learned easily by people of all ages.

Zhineng Qigong enriches and promotes better flow of Qi in human body. It improves physical and mental health.



The word Tai means supreme, Chi (or Ji) means boundary, and the word Chuan (or Quan) simply means fist or movement. Together the term Tai Chi Chuan implies a method of movement to cultivate a form of power that has no boundary.

Tai Chi Chuan is a martial art created from Tai Chi philosophy. The movements are fluid and slow which makes it safe for everyone. It is known to reduce stress, increase balance, improve memory and maintain good health.



Ikebana may be translated to "living flowers" or "giving life to flowers".

It is the Japanese art of flower arranging, based on the Asiatic philosophy.

about us

Anh is a retired engineer, born in Viet Nam in 1952 and came to Canada in 1970.

She began studying and practicing different forms of Tai chi and Qigong in 2003.

She is a certified teacher of the North American Chen’s Tai Chi Association, of the “Harmonious Big Family”, a Zhineng Qigong school in China.

Tai chi:

Member of the International Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan Association and of the North American Chen’s Tai chi Association.

She achieved rank 3 of the Yang family association in 2010. She studied with grand master Yang Jun by attending his seminars regularly from 2005 to 2012. Also studied with other teachers of this Association in Montreal area.

In 2009, she had an opportunity to learn 5 tai chi traditional styles from 5 Chinese grand masters (Chen Zhenglei, Yang Zhenduo, Ma Hailong, Wu Wenhan and Sun Yongtian) who came from China and teached at Nashville’s International Tai Chi symposium.

She continues further studying Tai Chi Chen style with masters Leon Xu and Qian Zhou, direct disciples of grand master Chen Zhenglei; and further study with this Grand Master by participing regularly in his seminars in Canada.

Zhineng Qigong:

In 2008, she studied and practiced Zhineng Qigong during a trip to Tai’an, China; in 2011 she came back to China and lived in this center for a month, intensively further studied and practiced this discipline.

Since then, she travelled regularly to Europe, China, Penang (Malaysia) and Singapore to study with the famous Chinese masters (laoshi Zhu Cong Hua, Wei Qifeng, Tao Qingyu, Xi Xiaofeng, Ooi Kean Hin, Sew Pei See, Loi Kin Fook, Cui Yan and Tan Peng).


She studied and practiced Ikebana with the late grand master Michelle Rémillard-Desjardins in Saint-Lambert, Qc, during 15 years.


She started teaching Ikebana, Tai Chi and Zhineng Qigong since 2006, 2007 and 2011 respectively.


In addition to these oriental arts, Anh is a voluntary interpreter and a volunteer in different fields for different organisms in Montreal South Shore area.

She practices a variety of sports and activites such as swimming, skiing, figure skating, baladi and Indian classic dances, etc…


   IN PERSON CLASSES in Brossard, QC.

I. Zhineng Qigong:

Monday : from 8:30 to 10:30 AM
and / or
Wednesday : from 8:30 to 10:00 PM


II. Tai Chi:

Sunday : from 9:00 to 10:30 AM


III. Ikebana (Japanese Flower Arrangement):

On Request, please call for information.


  Centre Zhineng Qigong Canada /
Tai Chi Rive Sud de Montreal

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